Hold Shares Electronically - Nominee

Our Nominee service is offered alongside our Trading Account and lets you hold shares electronically.

How does Nominee work?

You trade as normal but don't have to forward or receive certificates and transfer forms in the post.

When you sell we will deliver your holding to the market and also make sure you receive your proceeds on time. When you buy, following payment we will hold all your shares safely and securely on your behalf in electronic format.

As there are no transfer forms to complete or paper certificates to file, this reduces your paperwork considerably and speeds up the trading process to three rather than ten working days.


  • Secure, electronic holdings.
  • No paper certificates to send and receive by post.
  • Quicker trading process.
  • Subscribe free to our shareholder rights service which allows you to vote and receive shareholder information.

How much does Nominee cost?

It is free to transfer paper shares into your Nominee Account and the service is offered free on all active accounts.

There is no charge for taking stock out of Nominee.

We do charge a management fee that covers the ongoing services you receive from TD Direct Investing. This fee (and the way you can qualify to pay nothing) can be found at our rates and charges section.