Rates & Charges

You’ll find details of these rates and charges here. Alternatively you can download a PDF version below.

  • No fee to open your account
  • No fee to close your account
  • Invest in shares, ETFs & Investment Trusts on our lowest online share dealing rate in your first three months *

Other Charges

 We will ask you to pay an additional fee to cover our costs where we provide additional administration for complex or unusual transactions, or where we incur additional costs from third parties. These include Government or other mandatory fees and taxes.


Transfer in or out of Stock, UK Certificates, Funds, or ETFs. FREE
Late payment charge £25 plus 15% above Bank of England Base Rate charged on the debt.
Sell out execution fee due to non-payment £40 plus trade commission if applicable
Buy back execution fee due to non-delivery of stock £40 plus trade commission if applicable
Unpaid direct debit or returned cheque £25
Duplicate documents £10 + VAT
Certificated CREST rejection fee £15
Request for replacement share certificate £35 + VAT plus any charges levied by third parties
Registration of legal documents (estates) £35 + VAT
Portfolio valuation (for probate or other purposes) £10 + VAT per line of stock, minimum of £50 + VAT

Cash withdrawals from your account

The charge to withdraw cash from your account depends on the currency you are withdrawing. There is only a charge to withdraw Sterling (GBP) or Euro (EUR) if you request an urgent bank transfer.


For withdrawing money from your account
Sterling (GBP)
Only for urgent bank transfers
Euro (EUR)
Only for urgent bank transfers
US Dollar
Dollar (CAD)
Dollar (AUD)
Dollar (SGD)
Hong Kong
Dollar (HKD)
Swiss Franc
£15 up to £100,000 €36 US$48 CA$50 AU$52 SG$60 HK$300 CHF45 Kr250
£25 over £100,000

Charges are paid at the point of withdrawal. You must ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the transfer amount and the applicable charge.

Government & Exchange Charges

Government tax or levy Charge Transaction  
UK Stamp duty 0.5%* UK stock buys
UK Panel on Takeover and Merger levy £1 UK trades above £10,000 (buys & sells)
Irish Stamp Duty 1.00% Irish stock buys
Irish Takeover Panel levy €1.25 Trades above €12,500 of Irish Incorporated stocks (buys & sells)
Hong Kong transaction levy 0.0027% Equity and company warrant transactions
Hong Kong trading fee 0.005%  
Hong Kong Stamp Duty 0.1%  
Singapore clearing fee 0.0325% All transactions
French Financial Transaction Tax 0.3% French stock buys
Italian Financial Transaction Tax 0.1% Italian stock buys

*Non-CREST eligible and CREST eligible residual stocks are subject to a minimum charge of £5, rounded up to the nearest £5.00.

CREST Personal Membership Account fee

£15.00 + VAT per quarter.

The fee is charged per calendar quarter, during the penultimate week of the quarter. The fee is waived if the value of investments and cash in the account is £15,000 or more on the day the fee is charged.

This account is only available to customers who transferred an existing CREST membership account from NatWest Stockbrokers.

* Invest in shares, ETFs & Investment Trusts on our lowest share dealing rate in your first 3 months. After the 3 months, we’ll move you onto our Active, Frequent or Standard rate depending on how often you trade.