Rates & Charges

You’ll find details of our rates and charges here. Alternatively you can download a PDF version below.

  • No fee to open your account
  • No fee to close your account
  • Invest in shares, ETFs & Investment Trusts on our £5.95 online share dealing rate in your first three months *

Account Fees

When you trade and invest with us we think it's really important that you clearly understand exactly what you'll be paying, what you'll get from us, and that you'll always get great value for money and in some cases, the best price around.

There are 4 main types of fees that you'll become familiar with. These are; Account Fees, Share Dealing Rates (we sometimes refer to these as Trading Commission Fees), Platform Fees (for holding investment funds) and Other Fees (e.g. FX)

Our Account Fees cover the services and support we provide including:

  • Safe custody of your portfolio

  • Online access to our platform

  • An annual account statement and consolidated tax certificate

  • Corporate action and dividend payment administration

  • Access to market research tools, reports and expert analysis

  • Free smartphone and tablet apps

  • Our UK based call centre

Account Type  Fee When is this calculated and charged?  

Trading Account

(including Pension
Trading Account)

£20 + VAT per charging period, or

FREE if you: place 1 or more trades in the charging period, or have a portfolio worth £15,000 or more, or hold Funds (Unit Trusts or OEICs) worth £10,000 or more, or have a linked Stocks & Shares ISA or TD SIPP

Charging periods are on 1st January to end June, and 1st July to end December.

To thank our customers we have chosen to refund trading account fees for 2015 and 2016.  

Stocks & Shares ISA

£30 + VAT per year or part year, or

FREE if you: have a portfolio of £5,100, or have an active regular investing facility

The charging period starts on 1st June. The fee is charged to your account in early June, calculated on the account value on the last business day in May, or on closure of your account. 
Junior ISA  FREE    

0.25% of the value of the SIPP per charging period

with a minimum of £40 + VAT and a maximum of £100 + VAT per charge (total minimum £80 + VAT and maximum £200 + VAT per year).

Charging periods are on 1st December to end May, and 1st June to end November The fee is calculated on value of your SIPP on last day of each period and charged to your account shortly afterwards.

See other SIPP fees

* Invest in shares, ETFs & Investment Trusts on our £5.95 share dealing rate in your first 3 months. After the 3 months, we’ll move you onto our Active (£5.95), Frequent (£8.95) or Standard (£12.50) rate depending on how often you trade.