Additional Trading & Investment Accounts

Additional Trading Accounts

Company Account

A company Account allows you to trade in the name of a UK Limited Company. It offers the same benefits as a Trading Account trade online or by telephone in a diverse range of investments such as UK and international equities, funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts. Two named people are able to trade on the account.

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Expatriate and International Investment Account

Internaxx is based in Luxembourg and offers trading facilities to international and expatriate investors worldwide.

Benefit from:

  • A multi-currency investment platform in GBP, EURO, USD, CAD, AUD, HKD, SGD, SEK and CHF.

  • Realtime, online access to 12 international exchanges in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia.

  • Commissions from €14.95 per trade.

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  • The value of international investments may be affected by currency fluctations which might reduce their value in sterling.

    The value of your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest.

    We may receive two elements of commission in relation to international dealing trading commission and our foreign exchange charge. Please see our rate card for full details of the relevant costs.

Derivatives Service

Our Derivatives Trading puts you in control of your Contracts for Difference, Forex and Futures trading. You can trade from one portfolio, customising the account and platform to your specifications, creating your perfect trading environment.

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Financial Spread Trading Account

Our Financial Spread Trading platform is designed with the active trader in mind. You can access information to help you make your own decisions, and trade long or short, all from one platform. There are a wide range of support tools to help you formulate and test your spread trading strategy. Complex products require you to have passed an appropriate assesment before trading.

  • Please remember that financial spread trading and contracts of difference are designed for active traders and involves leveraged transactions. This means that you only deposit a fraction of the full value of the trade. Consequtive losses can quickly and substantially exceed your inital deposit.

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Pension Trading Account

You can set up a Pension Trading account for your SIPP/SSAS where you have chosen your own pension administrator.

Not all instruments can be held in the Pension Trading Account. Please refer to the attached list of permitted investments for details. This list may change from time to time.

If you are unsure about any aspects of the features or risks of these products you should obtain advice from a suitably qualified financial advisor.