What are Funds?

Benefits of investing in Funds?

  • Professional Expertise - Fund Manager expertise and a team of analysts
  • Diversified risk due to combined investment
  • Low cost - You don't spend your money on advisor fees
  • More choice - different opportunities to meet your goals and objectives

Diversify your investments

If you invest in a single company share you are taking a high level of investment risk – there are many events that could impact the value of the share from a down turn in the market to the company itself making less profit than expected.

Investing in a fund means your money can be placed in a range of different investments alongside other investors. This can help you manage the risk of investment.

Rather than investing in a single company a typical fund will have between 30 and 100 investment holdings. Therefore, your investment will be made up of a
 wide basket of assets

The allocation of assets within each fund can be found in its fund report along with its investment objective and risk profile. Use our Fund Selector to search for a fund, click on its name and view the fund report.

Funds key facts

  • Funds are open-ended - the size and value vary according to demand and supply.
  • Pricing - Funds unlike shares, are priced once a day. The price you’ll see online represents the previous days price.
  • Understanding the fund - To help you choose the right fund for you make sure you understand the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), copies of these can be found in our Fund Selector
  • Retail Distribution Review (RDR) – Introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority in December 2012 to give investors clearer information about paying for investment advice and management. This included a new class of funds without any trail commission payment.
  • Clean funds – All funds that you can purchase through us are clean funds (no trail commission).
  • Dirty funds - You can't purchase dirty funds with us (funds that include trail commission). You can still hold these with us and you can get more information on each fund by reading the KIID.