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Letitia's story

Letitia's Customer Success Story

I work as a nurse and I’m the mother of 3 boys. Swimming has been my hobby which I’ve enjoyed doing.It’s my de-stresser, my escape. I learnt to swim when I was about 5, I won a race and I did quite well. Basically I’ve just mastered swimming ever since and I’m still trying to master it.

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Rob's story

Rob's Customer Success Story

I trained as a lawyer, but my heart just wasn’t really in it. I always wanted to do something more creative.So, I went to City and Guilds of London Art School and spent 3 years there, learning everything from life drawing, to painting, how to mix the paint and how to be really dedicated to what you do.I’ve spent the last 10 years as a painter.

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Kevin's story

Kevin's Customer Success Story

I’ve always been fit, a runner since the early 1980’s who relished the mental and physical challenge of longer distances. I’d competed in the London to Brighton Road Race and numerous other Ultra events. It was around the same time that I became interested in the stock market.

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Gemma's story

Gemma's Customer Success Story

We spoke to Gemma, winner of new running kit in our Little Rewards competition, because we were impressed by her story and commitment and what we could learn from her for how to approach investing.

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Phil's story

Phil's Customer Success Story

Phil's story really stood out to us when we received it so we got in touch with him and asked him a few questions about his journey and how it relates to his investing approach.

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