Best of British Fund Managers (2017)

Britain is home to some of the world’s best fund managers. Our Best of British list highlights
the top 25 UK equity managers – those who’ve consistently delivered positive returns, whatever
the markets have thrown at them.

Top 25 British Fund Managers

What is Best of British?

A lot has happened in the markets over the last 10 years; the global financial crisis, the price of Brent crude oil falling to its lowest point since 2003, and more recently the EU referendum and the drop in sterling.  

Despite the volatile market conditions - and headlines – some fund managers have truly earned their stripes. Our Best of British research, now in its third year, identifies the top 25 UK fund managers who have consistently outperformed their benchmark and sector average over the last decade.

What's the list made up of?

We analysed funds in the Investment Association’s (IA) three main UK equity sectors:

  1. UK All Companies
  2. UK Equity Income
  3. UK Smaller Companies

The top 25 fund managers don’t all adopt the same strategy when picking stocks, but every manager has a disciplined approach that they stick to. They can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Core, skilled, veteran managers (7 funds in the BoB list) – Many of the core managers in the list are industry veterans who have stuck to their process throughout market ups and downs. They ride out the difficult times to deliver long-term outperformance

  • Income managers (7 funds) – Successful UK equity income managers are able to use the power of compounding dividends

  • Mid and small cap managers (5 funds) – These parts of the market are under researched and faster growing. Good active managers can exploit these inefficiencies over the long term, although they can go through periods of underperformance during shorter time periods

  • Ethical & sustainable managers (2 funds) – Sustainable managers are increasingly competing with more mainstream UK equity funds in terms of performance. What’s good for your health can also be good for your wealth

  • Special situation managers (6 funds) – The more opportunist managers have been able to take advantage of sector rotation to seek out opportunities

  • Recommended Funds (8 funds) – Eight managers are also in our Recommended Funds list, including Mark Slater, manager of MFM Slater Growth, which is top of the list. The Recommended funds list is selected on a more qualitative basis and includes veteran managers, those who work for boutique firms and some up and coming managers who don’t yet qualify for the Best of British list as well as access to other regions and asset classes.

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The cut off point for a manager to qualify for inclusion was 1 January 2007, concluding on 31 December 2016. The 10 year past performance charts reflect this period.

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