Advanced Trading Platform

  • Our most powerful platform, for traders
  • Live streaming prices
  • Integrated portfolio

Main Features

Our Advanced trading platform is fully customisable to your trading style, offering you something different than our main trading platform and mobile apps. There's a range of data packages and subscription tariffs for every trader's needs and you can try it free for two weeks.

If you decide it's not for you, simply cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial period, otherwise subscription charges may apply.

Design your own trading platform


  • Help to get you started... There are some built in dashboards to get you started with heat maps, charts, stock information, portfolio panels and news.

  • But make it unique to you... The platform really comes into its own when you start designing your own layouts. Start with a blank canvas, or some pre-set frames and then add whatever tools, research or live prices you need.

  • If you have multiple monitors... Not only can your layout span across your monitors, you can display your portfolio, watchlists and order tickets anywhere across your screens.

Making the right choices with TD Direct Investing

Our Advanced Trading Platform is designed for active short-term equity trading.

Equities tend to be volatile high-risk / high-reward investments. This service is intended for investors with an appropriate degree of equity trading knowledge and experience. We’d like you to fully understand the risks involved (see below).

Please remember that stock market investments can rise and fall in value and returns are not guaranteed, which means that you may get back less money than you originally invested.

If you're unsure about investing or think that you need a personal recommendation, you should speak to a suitably qualified financial advisor.

Risks and rewards are important aspects of investment decisions.

Low-risk investments generally generate a low return, but a common mistake made by investors is to believe that taking on a high level of risk is a sure way to produce higher returns. This is a misunderstanding of the meaning of risk.

Risk is present when there is a possibility of poor performance. Whilst high risk investments (such as equities) do offer the possibility of relatively high rates of return, the flip-side of the coin, from which the risk arises, is that the return might instead be low or even negative

Find new trading opportunities every day

  • Use your favourite filters: Find trading opportunities as they arise using Stock Screener. Select your favourite fundamental and technical filters such as 52 week highs or high volume stocks on the rise.

  • Then refine your searches: Editable filters let you narrow your search and tailor results to fit your trading style.

  • Drag and drop across your screens: Stock Screeners are fully integrated into your trading views. Drag across trading ideas from your real time results to your watchlists, charts and order tickets.

Other Features

Linked Windows

The useful broadcast feature gives you full control over the automatic syncing of different windows.

Real-Time Heat Maps

Quickly see which stocks are hot, and which are not, with dynamic views of stocks and sectors.

Stock Analysis

Access fundamental analysis and trading activity insights to drill into a stock’s performance.

Events & News

See the latest company events and real time news feeds at a glance to stay on top of every market movement.

Enhanced Charting

Interactive charts that let you design and save your own layout with a suite of technical indicators.


Set alerts so you can react to live opportunities or see if the market is moving against you.


Get started today

Advanced Trading Platform is an extra subscription package if you hold a Trading Account. If you have other accounts with us like a TD SIPP or an ISA you can also manage your portfolios through the Advanced Trading Platform, but you'll need to link them to a Trading Account first.

If you haven't got a Trading Account with us you'll need to apply for one before subscribing for the Advanced Trading Platform.

  • Apply for a Trading Account.
  • Once your Trading Account is up and running, Login and click on the Advanced Trading menu button
  • Select your data & price package and subscribe. Your 2 week free trial will start as soon as your subscription is confirmed.
  • You can modify your data package or unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the Modify My Package button.
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