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Managing your regular fee payments

Our regular fees

Account fees

We have regular account fees on our Trading Account, Stocks & Shares ISA and TD SIPP. These account charges cover the ongoing services you receive from us such as:

  • Award winning online platform
  • Access to shareholder rights, Morningstar® research tools and information
  • Cash management services
  • Safe custody of your portfolio
  • Managing all corporate actions and dividend payments on your behalf
  • UK based call centre with knowledgeable and helpful staff

Holding fund investments (Unit Trusts & OEICs)

To cover our distribution costs we charge a platform fee on all fund holdings, which is calculated daily and charged twice a year. You can also benefit from:

  • No dealing charges when you buy or sell funds online
  • Tools to help you find the right fund for your portfolio with our Fund Selector
  • A choice of over 1,600 clean funds
  • Funds provided by a great range of fund managers

More information on the fee can be found in our Rates and Charges.

Types of fee and payment frequency

Fee type Frequency Amount Can you pay £0 fee

Trading Account management fee

Twice a year

£20+VAT Yes

ISA administration fee

Once a year

£30+VAT Yes

SIPP administration fee

Twice a year

0.25% (min. £40, max. £100) No

Funds platform fee
(Per annum per account)

Twice a year

0.30% up to £250,000 funds value 0.20% over £250,000 funds value Max. £1,500 No

Ways to pay £0 for Trading Account management and ISA admin fees

Trading Account

£0 No fee when you either: place 1 or more trades every 6 months, or

have an individual portfolio valuation of £15,000 or more, or

have a Funds (Unit Trusts/OEICs) valuation of £10,000 or more, or

have a TD ISA or TD SIPP linked to your Trading account


£0 No fee when you either: have an ISA balance of £5,100 or more, or

have a regular investing facility set up

Paying for your regular fees

To pay for regular fees you need to ensure that you have enough cash to cover these at any time. If there is insufficient cash in your account when the fee is applied and your account goes overdrawn, further charges may apply.

You can avoid this by setting up a Direct Debit and using cash in your bank account to pay for the fees. This means that you don’t have to worry about leaving available cash in your portfolio, it can be invested at any time. We'll contact you by email or letter before the fee is taken.


Things to consider

  • To set up a Direct Debit within your account Login and choose 'Manage Fee Payments' from the 'Payments' menu.
  • The Direct Debit will impact all linked accounts
  • We don’t offer a choice of payment dates. Details of the dates of these charges can be found in our Rates & Charges


For more information regarding paying your regular fees by Direct Debit, view our FAQ's