4th November 2016

Top tips to be US election ready

With just days to go before State-siders take to the polls and a new US President is elected, whatever the outcome, markets on a global scale are likely to feel the effects. We recommend you prepare in advance for any market eventuality.

Here are some of the ways TD can help you monitor and protect your portfolio, and take advantage of trading opportunities that arise during periods of volatility.

TD’s Top 10 Tips

  1. Check your password
    We’d recommend checking your login details and password are working okay – there’d be nothing worse than trying to log in to trade or invest only to find they’re not working.
  2. Do your account funding early
    Make sure your account is funded so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. You can fund your account after you login online or using our mobile apps.
  3. Prepare your account for US trading
    If you’re considering your first foray into US markets, our US and International Trading page helps you understand how to get started and why to choose TD.
  4. Stay up-to-date with market news
    Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing you can stay on top of market news with our FREE daily email service. Brought to you in partnership with Alliance News, choose from pre-open, open, midday and market close updates as well as a summary of the day’s winners and losers and the latest broker ratings changes.
  5. Subscribe for level two UK & US data
    With our Advanced Trading Platform you can get free UK level two data, depending on how many trades you make every month. For only £40 per month (+VAT) you can upgrade your package to include US data too. It’s our all-in-one customisable trading platform that lets you monitor your portfolio, streaming in real time, and spot opportunities using heatmaps and stock screening tools.
  6. Use technical analysis
    With our technical insight tool you can set your own customised filters to identify any active technical chart patterns on UK and US stocks or validate your instincts to place a trade. See how TD can spot buy and sell signals for you by watching our technical insight video.
  7. Trade on the go
    Download a TD app for your smartphone or tablet so you’re never far from your account. The apps let you fund on the go so you can make the most of any opportunities that arise plus, you can set up watchlists of stocks and trade your favourites, all with one swipe.
  8. Stay alert
    Create share price alerts on up to ten stocks and choose email and/or SMS notifications. When the desired price you chose is reached, you will receive a notification. You can set these alerts up from your account page.*
  9. Set up stop loss or limit orders
    These are perfect for staying in control if you’re going to be busy or unable to log in. A limit order will automatically buy or sell should a certain price be reached. A stop loss limits your losses if your stock falls in value.**
  10. Follow us on twitter & WhatsApp
    Speaking of staying up-to-date, our @TDTrader_UK account provides regular market news and insight including heatmaps, top picks and snippets of latest news. You can also sign up to receive our mid-day WhatsApp broadcasts where we’ll send you our most popular buys and sells from that morning, as well as pick out some breaking company news stories to read.
  11. *When setting alerts we can’t always guarantee that you will receive an email or SMS in time.

    **Limit orders and Stop Losses are accepted on a reasonable endeavours basis, once the determined price is reached the order may not be executed immediately.

    Our Advanced Trader Platform is designed for active short-term equity trading. Equities tend to be volatile high-risk / high-reward investments, consequently, equity trading should only be considered if you have a high degree of knowledge and experience, you are investing money that you can afford to lose, your risk tolerance is very high and you have adequate time to monitor your trading positions.

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