TD Recommended Funds performance

First quarter performance

Our Recommended Funds list delivered robust performance during the first quarter, with 37 of the 59 funds managing a positive return. Having endured a torrid time of late, BlackRock Gold & General and First State Global Resources were the top performing funds. Guinness Global Energy also benefited from a rebound in resources generally to deliver robust performance. Other funds which delivered strong performance were spread across a range of sectors, including infrastructure, corporate bonds and property, as well as emerging market, US, Asian and global equities.

Julius Baer EF Luxury Brands was perhaps more resistant than expected, demonstrating the advantages specialist sector funds can bring.

Underperforming funds over the quarter included those focusing on Japanese and UK equities, as well as absolute return funds H2O MultiReturns and Standard Life Global Absolute Return Strategies (GARS). Interestingly, though, Henderson UK Absolute Return managed to deliver positive performance over the period.

We would reiterate the importance of investing in different parts of the market in order to achieve a truly diversified portfolio, and of investing with high quality managers who take an active investment approach.

Looking at performance numbers from one quarter is really just a snapshot It is important to consider these figures in the context of investing with long-term goals in mind.

Long term performance

51 of the 54 funds in our Recommended Funds list with a five-year track record delivered a positive absolute return over that period (five of the 59 funds do not have a five year history). Over the same time frame the FTSE All Share index returned 29.4%. 36 of these funds, spread across a broad range of asset classes, outperformed the UK index, which gives a good demonstration of the power of diversification.

The best performing fund over five years to 31 March 2016 is Liontrust UK Smaller Companies, which was also the best performing fund last year and returned 107.4% over the five-year period. Other stand out funds over five years are MFM Slater Growth, JPM US Equity Income, HSBC American Index, Franklin UK Mid Cap, Schroder US Mid Cap and Royal London UK Equity Income. All these funds delivered a return of more than 70% over the period.

While UK and US funds have been at the fore, there has also been strong performance from global, European equity and Japanese equity funds, as well as specialist funds focusing on sustainability, technology and infrastructure.

Only three funds with a five-year track record are in negative territory, all of which are energy or commodity-focused funds which have suffered from the downturn in prices in those sectors.

TD Recommended Funds Performance Q1

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Source: Morningstar Direct as at 31st March 2016. Total returns in GBP.

TD Recommended Funds Performance over five years

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Source: Morningstar Direct as at 31st March 2016. Total returns in GBP.

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