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Want to trade US stocks? Watch our Pound to Dollar animation here. Watch now

US & International Share Trading Online

We provide traders and investors access to most of the main world exchanges, with our award winning online trading and real-time foreign exchange service.

Reasons to choose TD for your US & International share trading


All in one account

Your US and international shares are held in the same account as your other investments.


Hold different currencies *

No need to settle every trade in pound sterling, reducing your foreign exchange costs.


Low cost share dealing

Invest in international shares on our £5.95 share dealing rate in your first 3 months.


Choice of markets

Trade shares on 17 stock exchanges, including the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.


Range of order types

Place market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders at no extra cost.


Help & support

Contact our experienced UK-based team over the phone, weekdays until 9pm.

* HMRC rules prevent non-sterling currency being held in an ISA. You can hold cash in 9 major currencies in the TD Trading and TD SIPP accounts.

The value of international investments may be affected by currency fluctuations which might reduce their value in sterling. We may receive two elements of commission in relation to international dealing - Trading Commission and our FX Charge. Please see our Rates and Charges for full details of the relevant costs.

Research, data and tools to help you

Trade when and where you want

Our free and easy-to-use mobile apps help you trade and manage your investments even when you're on the move.

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Market News

Read the latest US, European and Canadian market updates from Alliance News throughout your trading day.

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Advanced Trading Platform

Build your own trading dashboard with live, streaming, US and Canadian share prices, plus additional tools, research and news.

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Technical Insight

Investors and traders of all skill levels can easily find and validate US (and UK) trade opportunities. Customise your 10 featured ideas and create alerts to monitor your investments.

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Daily Trading Ideas

US and UK share prices are analysed after the markets close each trading day to identify emerging chart patterns and provide you with 8 bullish and bearish trade ideas.

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Stock Quickrank

Filter by sector and industry or search for an individual company. Free Stock Reports provide the share price, overview and in-depth analysis of thousands of companies listed on US and international markets.

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We offer our services on an execution-only basis with opinions provided by TD or one of our partners in some circumstances on whether to buy a specific investment. Please note that none of the opinions we provide are a personal recommendation, which means we have not assessed your investing knowledge and experience, your financial situation or your investment objectives.

Understanding the US stock market

Understanding the US stock market

You’ve probably heard of the Dow Jones Industrial Average – often just called the Dow – the S&P 500, the NYSE and the NASDAQ but which is an exchange and which are indices? And how do they all work together?

We've invested a bit of time looking into the make-up of the US stock market and pulled together a graphic that explains how it works and what everything is. We’ve kept it simple because there are so many different indices and exchanges but we couldn’t resist talking about FANG and the Nifty Nine again…never heard of them? Take a look at the bottom of the graphic when you open it.

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We make it easy to get started

You can apply for an account in just a few minutes. You will be required to complete a W-8 BEN form if you want to trade on US markets.

New customers

You can invest in US and international shares in a TD Trading, TD ISA and TD SIPP account.

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Existing customers

You can use your existing TD Trading, ISA or SIPP account to trade on US and International markets.

Trading in US shares?

Complete your W-8 BEN form online. This US tax document is valid for 3 years, and allows UK residents to hold US stock free from withholding tax.

Where to look ?

W-8 BEN form online

Login > Documents > Useful Forms

Transferring made easy

You can transfer existing stocks and shares you hold with other providers to your TD account using our simple online service.

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Foreign Exchange

It is important to us that you fully understand Foreign currency exchange before you trade, please find out more here.

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If you are in doubt about how suitable our products and services are or whether or not transferring is right for you, you should speak to an independent financial advisor.