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Funds: what will it cost?

Cost for purchasing funds

No cost for buying or selling online with us

No cost for changing funds

Minimum investment of £100 required per account. Regular Investing requires a minimum £25 per month.

No cost for buying or selling funds online with TD Direct Investing

Ongoing costs

Below are the ongoing costs that you can expect when investing in funds with us.

Our Platform Fee*

Contributes towards the ongoing costs of custody of your funds with us. Charged twice a year, on or around the first business day of January and July, calculated daily on the value of your fund holding.

Funds up to £250,000 0.30%
Funds over £250,000 0.20%
Maximum £1,500

*Please note additional account administration fees may apply – see our Rates and Charges

Fund Manager Charges**

Regular charges taken over the year by the Fund Manager to cover the cost of running the fund.

Ongoing charges Between 0.08% and 2.60%

**Please note that in some instances the Fund Manager will apply an initial sales charge when you purchase a fund. In most cases there is no initial sales charge on the Funds available from TD however there may be some instances where it may apply. Please use our Fund Selector for details of individual Fund Manager charges.

Example costs of investing in funds

Fund investment £5,000 £10,000 £50,000 £300,000
Platform Fee@0.30% £15.00 £30.00 £150.00 £750.00
@0.20% n/a n/a n/a £100.00
Fund Manager Fee@0.75% £37.50 £75.00 £375.00 £2250.00
Cost per year £52.50 £105.00 £525.00 £3100.00

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Clean Funds

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has introduced regulations to make the charging structure of Funds clearer and more transparent. These new regulations mean that we need to change the Fund investments you hold with us and we want you to understand what these changes mean.

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New to funds? Find out why people invest in funds, how they work, and the risks.

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Invest in Funds with a TD ISA, TD SIPP or TD Trading AccountWhich TD account do I need?

You can invest in Funds with a TD ISA, TD SIPP or TD Trading Account:

Understanding the risks

Remember that each fund is unique and hence exposed to different levels of risk. Some are relatively low risk, whilst others can be very risky and those will only be appropriate for more sophisticated investors.

The value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest.

There may be a Fund Manager charge, which is a percentage of the value of your investment. This can differ depending on the fund. We charge a platform fee to cover the administrative cost of managing your funds.

Investing Basics: Funds

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