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What is a Bed and ISA and how much does it cost?

A Bed and ISA is a way of transferring shares from either a nominee account or certificated form into an ISA.

It is not possible under HM Revenue and Custom (HMRC) rules to put shares directly into an ISA. This means that to put your shares into an ISA they must be first sold, the cash transferred into the ISA and then the shares repurchased. The sale and repurchase are made at the same time to limit potential price movement.

A Bed and ISA can be requested online if you already have a Trading Account and an ISA in your name which have been linked together. Login to your account and choose ‘Bed & ISA Request’ under ‘Payments & Transfers. Complete the ‘to’ and ‘from’ account, enter the stock symbol, or look up from the list of eligible stocks you already hold, confirm how many shares, or the amount you want to reinvest, preview the order.

If you are unable to make the request online, for example if the two accounts are not linked, we can do this for you by telephone, simply call us on 0345 607 6001. Alternatively complete a Bed and ISA Form which is located in the Useful Forms section of our website and send it to us along with your written instructions and the share certificate(s) (or notification of the stock being held in Nominee).

Post your completed bed and ISA form and instructions to:

TD Direct Investing
Exchange Court
Duncombe Street

Commission is not charged on the sale if the shares are being sold from a Nominee account.

Standard online commission rates are charged on the repurchase, unless requested by telephone or by using the Bed and ISA Form, in which case standard telephone rates will apply. Please refer to our rate card for further details.

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