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Funds are popular with Investors as they take away the worry of picking individual shares or other investments. Find out why people invest in funds, how they work, and the risks.

5. Investing Basics: Bonds
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6. Investing Basics: Stocks & Shares
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Supporting guides & tools

Investing in Funds

Find out why funds are a popular choice for many investors and how they can help you build a diverse portfolio to suit your own investment needs.

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A Guide to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Exchange Traded Products provide a convenient way for investors to get exposure to a basket of different assets, for example by tracking the performance of a stock exchange or region. Find out more in this guide.

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Understanding investing

If you’re new to Investing it can seem a complex and potentially off putting subject.

This video series is designed to give you an easy to digest introduction to what’s involved if you’re thinking about managing your own investments.

They’re not designed to cover all the detail, or recommend that you make an investment.

Remember if you’re investing, your money is at risk, which means you may get back less than you original put in, so if you’re unsure about the suitability of a particular financial product, or about investing in general, then you should consider getting professional financial advice.