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Rates and Charges

Our Regular Fees

Our management and administration fees are regular account charges that cover the ongoing services you receive from TD Direct Investing. These services include:

  • Award winning online platform
  • Access to shareholder rights, Morningstar® research tools and information
  • Cash management services
  • Safe custody of your portfolio
  • Managing all corporate actions and dividend payments on your behalf
  • UK based call centre with knowledgeable and helpful staff
Account Type Management or Administration Fee
Trading Account £10.00 + VAT per quarter, calculated and charged in arrears on the last full weekend of March, June, September and December.

£0 No fee when you either:
  • place 1 or more trades per quarter, or
  • have an individual portfolio valuation of £15,000 or more, or
  • have a Funds (Unit Trusts/OEICs) valuation of £10,000 or more, or
  • have a Trading ISA or TD SIPP linked to your Trading account

Trading ISA £30 + VAT per year or part year, charged on or around the first business day in June, calculated on the account value on the last business day in May or, where applicable, on the day of closure

£0 No fee when you either:
  • have an ISA balance of £5,100 or more, or
  • have a regular investing facility set up

TD SIPP 0.25% of the value of the SIPP every 6 months charged on or around the first business day in June and December. Subject to a minimum of £40, and a maximum of £100, per collection + VAT.

Regular Investment Account £0 per year

CREST personal membership account

(Existing CREST personal membership customers only – this service is not available to new customers)
£15.00+ VAT per quarter
The charge will be in respect of the immediately preceding three months and will be calculated and charged during the second to last week of each calendar quarter. We will waive the CREST personal membership administration fee if you hold £5,000 or more in investments and/or cash in the account at the time the fee is charged. per year

Funds Investing

TD Charges

Fund Type Online and Mobile Trading Commission Telephone Trading Commission Platform Fee* (per annum per account)
Unit Trust & OEICs Nil £40
Value of funds Charge
Up to £250,0000.30%
Over £250,0000.20%
(maximum £1,500)

* The Platform Fee applies to each account separately and is calculated on a daily basis on the value of your fund holdings. The fee is tiered, with 0.30% applying to the first £250,000 of funds and the lower rate of 0.20% being applied to any fund holdings over £250,000. The fee is charged to your account twice a year, on or around the first business day of January and July, on a pro rata basis up to a maximum of £1,500 per account. The Platform Fee and Trail Commission rebate (if applicable) will be applied separately to your account and individually marked on your statement.

Fund Manager Charges

Initial Sales Charge - An initial sales charge or ISC may be charged when you buy units. TD offer over 2,000 unit trusts & OEICs with discounted initial sales charges from 0%.

Ongoing Charge - Fund managers levy an Annual Management Charge (AMC) on their funds. This may include a payment to us as the distributor known as Trail Commission. Trail Commission received by us from the Fund Manager will be rebated to your appropriate account and may be subject to tax deduction by us (please see our website for further details).

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Our Trading Commission Rates

Our trading commission rates adapt with you, so you will automatically qualify for the best rate possible.

Online and Mobile Commissions

Commission Rate Standard Frequent Active Notes
UK Equities and ETFs £12.50 £8.95 £5.95 Trading Commission Rates apply to each individual account separately. Trades cannot be aggregated across accounts. Trades that are not eligible include - Certificated, Dividend reinvestment trades, Unit Trust, OEICs, New Issue, cancelled or deleted trades, zero commission, FX-only transactions, Regular Investing and promotional discounted trades.
International Equities and ETFs £17.50 £13.95 £10.95
How do I qualify? - Average 10 or more eligible trades per month across the last 3 consecutive months Average 20 or more eligible trades per month across the last 3 consecutive months

These commission rates apply to standard transactions and may change. You should confirm the current rate at the time of dealing and read the terms for all standard transactions as set out in our Terms of Service. International Commissions are charged in the customer settlement currency and multiplied by the conversion rate (if applicable) subject to the minimum and maximum charges shown. If orders are filled over a number of days, there is a separate commission charge for each day there is a fill.

Rates For Trade Values Above £100,000

Transaction value Charge
£100,000.01 to £499,999 Normal commission rate + £30
£500,000.01 to £999,999 Normal commission rate + £60
Above £1million Subject to negotiation

All Other Commission Rates

Charge Type Charge
Telephone trades The Online trading commission rate + £40
Certificates The appropriate Online or Telephone trading commission rate + £50
Dividend Reinvestment £1.50.
In order for the dividend to be reinvested it should have a value of £10 or more.
Bed & ISA (online instruction) No commission charged on the sale. Online commission rate on the re-purchase
Bed & ISA (telephone or paper instruction) No commission charged on the sale. Telephone trades commission rate on the re-purchase
Bed & SIPP (paper instruction) No commission charged on the sale. Telephone trades commission rate on the re-purchase
Extended settlement (Buy orders greater than T+3) £3 (Excludes buy orders of Unit Trusts and OEICs, and Bed & ISA transactions)
Contract Notes sent by Post £1 + VAT (Does not apply to Telephone Trades.)

Regular Investment Commission Rates

Investment Type Buy Commission Sell Commission Minimum Subscription
Buy Sell
FTSE 350/ETFs £1.50 Trading commission rate £25
Funds Nil Nil £50

Purchases can only be made on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, subject to change.

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Foreign Exchange (FX)

The foreign exchange rate for all currency conversion is based on the bid/offer exchange rate to which TD Direct Investing apply a spread based on up to +/- 2.00% applied at the time of execution. Details are available on request.

Please note for trades which have required multiple fills to execute, you will be charged an FX at the rate applicable to each individual fill. This may result in a higher FX charge than would be calculated against the whole trade.

Transaction Value Margin Rates
£0 to £24,999.99 2.00%
£25,000 to £49,999.99 1.75%
50,000 to £99,999.99 1.00%
£100,000 to £599,999.99 0.50%
£600,000 to £999,999.99* 0.25%

*Maximum electronic transaction size.

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Cash Interest Rates

Sterling & foreign currency balances (USD, CAD, EUR, HKD, AUD, SGD, SEK and CHF)
Account Type Gross Net** AER***
TD SIPP 0.10%* - 0.10%
Multi Currency Savings Account† 0.10%* 0.08% 0.10%
Trading and Trading ISA Nil Nil Nil

*Relevant base rate less 1% subject to a minimum of 0.10%

**Net rate is the amount of interest which would be payable after the deduction of income tax at the rate specified by law. As the rate of tax may vary the net rate shown is for illustrative purposes only.

***AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate (contractual rate when paid and compounded each year). The AER as stated was calculated at 04/12/12.

† Effective from 13th February 2013


Interest will be calculated on your credit balance on a daily basis and credited to your Plan on or around the 25th day of May and November in any one year.

We receive interest from the bank with which your credit balance is deposited. A portion of the interest received on your credit balance is credited to you and a portion is retained by TD Direct Investing. The amount retained is 0.5% based on a weighted average interest earned on client money but may vary by 0.2% above or below the stated rate.

Multi Currency Savings Account

Any credit interest will be calculated on your cleared credit balance on a daily basis and will be credited to your account quarterly on or around the 25th day of March, June, September and December. Such interest will be paid net or gross as set out in our Terms of Service. “Gross” means the rate that will be paid to clients before the deduction of income tax. Where you are not eligible to receive gross interest, tax will be deducted at the rate specified by law. Any debit interest will be calculated on the debit balance in your account on a daily basis and will be debited from your account on a quarterly basis. Relevant banks are: Bank of England, European Central Bank, US Federal Bank, Bank of Canada.

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Other Services

TD Protrader®

TD ProTrader® is an optional service offering live streaming Level 2 pricing. Access to the TD ProTrader® service will be charged to clients quarterly in advance, based on the schedule shown below:

Band Trades in Previous Qtr Charge for Subsequent Qtr Notes
3 75+ FREE The Charging Period will be from the 1st day to the last day of each calendar quarter. These charges include VAT and will be levied against accounts within 5 working days of the quarter commencing.
2 26 to 74 £50
1 Up to 25 £200

Government Charges

Stamp Duty and PTM Levy
UK Registered stocks purchases only† 0.5% of transaction value
Irish Registered stocks purchases only 1% of transaction value
Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) Levy - UK Flat charge of £1 on all transactions over £10,000
Irish Takeover Panel (ITP) Levy Flat charge of €1.25 on all Irish transactions over €12,500

Hong Kong – Equity & Company Warrants
All transactions Transaction Levy of 0.003%, Trading Fee of 0.005% & Stamp Duty of 0.1%

All transactions A Clearing Fee of 0.04% subject to a cap of S$600
Structured Warrants A Clearing Fee of 0.05% subject to a cap of S$200

French Financial Transaction Tax
0.2% for eligible French stocks with a market capitalisation over €1bil (revalued annually) and for eligible Depository Receipts. Please note that this tax is applied to each individual trade dealt in the eligible stocks.

† Non-CREST eligible and CREST eligible residual stocks are subject to a minimum charge of £5.00, rounded up to the nearest £5.00.

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Banking Charges

Banking Services (all accounts)

Transaction Fee
Unpaid Direct Debits £25
Copies of Cancelled Cheques Nil
Internal Transfers Nil
Unauthorised Overdrafts £25+ Bank of England Base Rate plus 15% on the full amount
Returned Cheque for Insufficient Funds £25

Withdrawal Charges

Sterling (GBP)

Withdrawal options are dependent on whether Faster Payments can be sent to your nominated bank account. If you are not sure whether your bank account is enabled for Faster Payments, please contact your bank.

Withdrawals to a Faster Payments enabled account
Standard Bank Transfer FREE
Urgent Bank Transfer (£100,000 and under) £15
Urgent Bank Transfer (over £100,000) £25

Withdrawals to a Non-Faster Payments enabled account
Urgent Bank Transfer £25
Cross Border withdrawal £25

Euro (EUR)

Standard Bank Transfer (if funds transferred from Trading Account) FREE
Urgent Bank Transfer €36

US Dollar (USD)

Urgent Bank Transfer $48

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Urgent Bank Transfer $50

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Urgent Bank Transfer $52

Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Urgent Bank Transfer $60

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Urgent Bank Transfer HK$300

Swiss Franc (CHF)

Urgent Bank Transfer CHF45

Swedish Krona (SEK)

Urgent Bank Transfer Kr250

Charges are paid at the point of withdrawal.

You must ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the transfer amount and the applicable charge.

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Other Charges

Charge Type Charge
Transfer In of UK Stock FREE
Transfer Out of Stock £25 per holding
Transfer in and re-registration of European Securities – stocks listed on European (not including the LSE) Exchanges £35
Transfer in and re-registration of Asian and Australian Securities – stocks listed on Australia, Hong Kong or Singapore Exchanges £150
Withdrawal of Nominee stock as a Certificate £25 per holding
Unpaid Cheque £25
Late Payment £25 + Bank of England Base Rate plus 15% on the full amount
Sell Out Execution Fee due to non-payment £40*
Buy Back Execution Fee due to non-delivery of stock £40*
Duplicate Documents (including Consolidated Tax Certificate, Corporate Action Notification, Contract Note, Statement, 975 Certificate) £10 + VAT
Certificated CREST Rejection Fee £15
Request for Replacement Share Certificate £35 + VAT and any other charges levied by third parties
Registration of Legal Documents (Estates) £35 + VAT
Portfolio valuations (probate/other purposes) £10 + VAT per line of stock (minimum £50 + VAT)
Fractional entitlements arising from a Corporate Action up to £5
Credit of tax adjustments on dividends up to £5
Dealing with money/investments received into a closed account up to £5

*Commission Charges will apply in addition to the Sell Out and Buy Back Execution fees.

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Trading ISA

Other Charges

Charge Type Charge
Plan Transfer In FREE
Stock Withdrawal £25 per holding
The Stock Withdrawal per holding charge does not apply for a Plan transfer to another ISA provider
Cash Withdrawal See Withdrawal Charges (GBP) section
Plan transfer to another ISA provider £50 + the relevant ISA Administration Fee

VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate where shown.

The tax treatment of these products depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

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TD SIPP (Trustee and Scheme Administrator: AJ Bell)

Other Charges

Charge Type Charge
Initial Set Up Charge FREE
Plan Transfer In FREE
Plan Transfer Out Fee (Full and Partial) £75 + VAT + £25 per holding

Income Drawdown Charge
Providing Income Drawdown until age 75 £150 per annum + VAT
The charge is payable even if you elect to take ‘nil’ income in any year.
Providing Income Drawdown from age 75 £250 per annum + VAT
Additional Withdrawal Tranches £75 + VAT
Annuity Purchase £75 + VAT
Death Benefits Payment Time/cost basis (indicative average £350 + VAT)
Flexible drawdown registration £75 + VAT
Closing your SIPP through flexible drawdown or trivial commutation £75 + VAT

VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate where shown.

The tax treatment of these products depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

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ISA apply now – new allowance


  • The value of your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest.

Rates & Charges

Download a copy of the full rates & charges in PDF format.