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TD Junior ISA

Key Facts

You need to have a TD account (Trading Account, ISA or SIPP) before you can open a TD Junior ISA for your child.

A Junior ISA is a tax-efficient wrapper that allows you to save for your child's future

The Junior ISA will automatically convert to an adult ISA when the child turns 18

Anyone can contribute into it, up to the annual allowance (it doesn't have to be the Registered Contact)

Once a subscription has been made it cannot be taken back out of the account

£4,080 annual allowance in the current tax year (2016/2017)

Invest lump sums or on a regular basis from as little as £25 per month


Transferring a Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA to TD is easy, and you can do it when you open your account online. Use our Eligibility Checker below to confirm what transfer you need to make, by entering your child's date of birth.

Investment Options

You can invest in a wide range of investment options on a regular basis in a TD Junior ISA.

What can I invest in?


  • Choose from our full range of over 2,000 funds

UK & International Stocks & Shares

  • UK: Choose from all UK listed markets (including AIM)
  • International: Choose from 17 International markets

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Choose from a wide range of ETFs

Other Options

  • Investment Trusts
  • Gilts
  • Bonds
  • Cash

Tools to help you

Quick Start Funds

  • Six Funds handpicked by TD experts to help get you started.

TD Recommended Funds

  • Choose from 50 funds shortlisted by unbiased, expert analysis of the market.

Fund Selector

  • Choose from over 2,000 Funds covering every sector.

TD Recommended ETFs

  • Choose from 50 ETFs shortlisted by unbiased, expert analysis of the market.

Other Tools

International Trading

The value of international investments may be affected by currency fluctuations which might reduce their value in sterling. Find out more about International Trading and the risks involved

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs and Exchange Traded Products can use complex financial techniques, meaning that these types of products may not be suitable for all investors. Find out more about ETFs and the risks involved


Anyone can contribute into a TD Junior ISA (You don't have to be the registered contact)

Ways to Fund

  • Debit Card: Login, go to Payments then Fund My Account.
  • Bank Transfer: Anyone can make contributions directly into the TD Junior ISA. Once a contribution has been made it cannot be removed.
  • Direct Debit: Set up monthly Direct Debits from as little as £25.

Bed & Junior ISA:

Sell existing investments and reinvest the proceeds in a TD Junior ISA, Please note that you'll need a TD Trading Account to do this.

How to apply or transfer into a TD Junior ISA

What you need to do

Existing customer New customer

I’m an Existing customer

  •  Login to your account and go to Products/Services and Open New Account choosing TD Junior ISA

  •  Complete the online application

  •  If you’ve chosen to transfer you can see the progress in your account

I need to open a TD account

  •  You need to have an existing TD account before you can open a TD Junior ISA.

  •  When your account is open and you've received your passwords, login and go to Open New Account choosing TD Junior ISA

  •  Complete the online application

  •  If you’ve chosen to transfer Login to your account and see the progress

Help and Support

Having trouble? We're here to help.


Email Us

For general enquiries send us a secure email.


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Things to know before you apply


All investments carry a varying degree of risk and it's important you understand the nature of these risk. Learn more

Your money and investments

It's important to understand how your money and investments will be held and investments protection schemes that apply. Learn more

Conflicts of interest

We have a conflicts of interest policy that identifies circumstances that constitute, or may give rise to, conflicts of interest which pose material risk of damage to one or more of our customers. Learn more

Referral site commission

We’ll pay any site owner a fee for each referral and / or account opened. If you’d like further details of the payment structure between TD Direct Investing and our referral partners please contact us

Terms of service

Before you open an account with us you will be asked to confirm that you have read our terms of service. Learn more

Please make sure that you are aware of all associated Rates and Charges.

We offer our services on an execution-only basis, which means we don’t provide investment advice . If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the products and services being promoted you should speak to an investment adviser.

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