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Exchange Agreements


In order to trade with stocks or CFDs on stocks at live quotes, the client needs to have an agreement with the appropriate exchange. All agreements for live quotes can be established directly through the Account module of the trading platforms.

An Online Subscription Tool is available on the trading platform. In the tool, clients will find a list of available exchanges and news services alongside the applicable monthly fees. Clients will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to services of their choice. Further information can be found on the trading platform.

Saxo Bank will rebate the monthly subscription fees paid for receiving live quotes for stocks and CFDs to all clients that execute a certain number of transactions during the appropriate month. Rebates are only applicable for non-professional equities clients subscribing to level1 data. The fees will be charged on a monthly, but rebated on a quarterly basis.

Data fee rebate schedule

Exchange Code Exchange Non-professional Level 1 Data Fee Minimum Trades for Rebate Exchange Trading Hours (Local time)
FSE Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra) EUR 16,00 4 09:00-17:35
EURONEXT Euronext* EUR 1,00 4 09:00-17:35
LSE London Stock Exchange GBP 4,00 4 08:00-16:30
LSE IOB London Stock Exchange IOB GBP 2,00 4 08:50-15:40
NASDAQ Nasdaq* USD 1,00 4 09:30-16:00
NYSE New York Stock Exchange USD 1,00 4 09:30-16:00
OMX OMX* EUR 1,00 4 09:00-17:30
OSE Oslo Stock Exchange NOK 10,00 4 09:00-16:20
SGX-ST Singapore Stock Exchange SGD 3,00 4 09:00-17:06
SIBE BME Spanish Stock Exchange EUR 3,25 4 09:00-17:35
SWX+VX SWX Europe CHF 6,00 4 09:00-17:30
VIE Wiener Börse (Vienna Stock Exchange) EUR 2,00 4 09:00-17:30
AMEX American Stock Exchange USD 1,00 4 09:30-16:00
ASX Australian Stock Exchange AUD 37.50 6 10:00-16:12
MIL Milano Stock Exchange EUR 0,50 4 09:05-17:31
WSE Warsaw Stock Exchange EUR 1,90 4 09:00-16:10
AT Athens Stock Exchange EUR 1,00 4 09:30-15:40
TYO Tokyo Stock Exchange JPY 120,00 4 09:00-15:00
HKEX Hong Kong Stock Exchange** HKD 120,00 4 10:00-16:00
TSE Toronto Stock Exchange USD 9,50 4 09:30-16:00
ARCA NYSE ARCA USD 5,00 4 09:30-16:00

* Denotes multiple exchanges covered by a single agreement. Eg. OMX = OMX Group exchanges.

** Mid-session break 12:30 - 14:30.

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