CFD Commodities


Commodity CFDs are denominated in smaller lots than the underlying future. For example, the US Crude CFD is 25 barrels of oil, rather than 1,000 barrels. Each CFD is quoted as 1 unit of the underlying contract (e.g., 1 barrel), but there will be a minimum trade size.


CFD margin requirements are lower than the underlying future, offering more exposure for less. Half-margins also apply to Commodity CFDs, lowering margin requirements even further for the first €50,000 (or equivalent) of collateral required on your account.


Like futures, Commodity CFDs will expire each month and will be cash settled on the expiry date of the underlying future. Front month (current contract) and back month (following contract) will be offered to enable clients to manually roll positions from one contract to the next.


The specific expiry date and time for individual Commodity CFDs can be found in the trading platforms on either the Trade or Order tickets plus the Instrument Information pages.

Trading will cease at the specified time listed in the table above for each contract. Clients should pay attention to when the Last Trade Day will take place as it differs contract to contract and month to month.

Currently we do not support the automatic rolling of positions from one month to the next. Any positions still open at the close of trading on the Expiry Date will be automatically closed at the closing price set by Saxo Bank and cash settled.

CFD Name Ticker Target Spread Commission fee (flat rate)
NY Cocoa COCOANY 10 GBP 15
NY Coffee COFFEENY 0.5 GBP 15
US Copper COPPERUS 0.6 GBP 15
Corn CORN 1.5 GBP 15
C02 Emissions EMISSIONS 0.08 GBP 15
Gas Oil GASOILUK 1.5 GBP 15
Gasoline US GASOLINEUS 0.3 GBP 15
Gold GOLD 0.8 GBP 15
Heating Oil HEATINGOIL 0.4 GBP 15
Live Cattle LIVECATTLE 0.15 GBP 15
US Natural Gas NATGASUS 0.018 GBP 15
UK Crude OILUK 0.06 GBP 15
US Crude OILUS 0.06 GBP 15
Orange Juice ORANGEJUICE 1 GBP 15
Platinum PLATINUM 1.8 GBP 15
Paladium PALADIUM 1.8 GBP 15
Silver SILVER 0.8 GBP 15
Soybeans SOYBEANS 2 GBP 15
NY Sugar No. 11 SUGARNY 4 GBP 15
Wheat WHEAT 2 GBP 15

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