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Derivatives Rate Card


Equity CFD’s (inc. DMA)PriceCommissionMinimum
FTSE 350 Market Prices 0.15% £15
EURO Denominated Markets Market Prices 0.15% £15 *
U.S. Markets Market Prices 0.15% £15 *
Other Markets** Market Prices 0.15% £15*

For a full list please click HERE

*Equivalent charged in relevant market currency.
** Except for Equity CFD on Hong Kong (HKEX) and Singapore (SGX-ST) – commission charge at 0.30% minimum £30 equivalent

CFD IndicesTarget SpreadCommission
FTSE 100 2 Points £15
Dow Jones 4 Points £15
DAX 30 3 Points £15
S & P 500 1 Points £15
Nasdaq 2 Points £15
CAC 40 3 Points £15
Others Competitive Target Spreads, full list available after log in or HERE
CFD CommoditiesTarget SpreadCommission
Gold Market + 0.8 £15
Silver Market + 0.08 £15
Oil (UK) Market + 0.06 £15
Oil (US) Market + 0.06 £15
Wheat Market + 2 £15
Others For a full list please click HERE

Financing Costs for CFD on Equity and Indices

CFD Long overnight positions LIBOR plus 2.5%
CFD Short overnight positions LIBOR plus 2.5%

Note : Overnight financing for CFD Commodities is included in the spread.


MajorsTarget SpreadCommission ThresholdCommission fee up to thresholdCommission fee above threshold
EUR / USD 2 pips EUR 50,000 USD 10 Nil
USD / JPY 3 pips USD 50,000 USD 10 Nil
GBP / USD 4 pips GBP 50,000 USD 10 Nil
USD / CHF 3 pips USD 50,000 USD 10 Nil
USD / CAD 4 pips USD 50,000 USD 10 Nil
Other 150+ fx pairs available Competitive Target Spreads, full list available after log in or HERE
Margin summary
Majors 2%
Minors 4%
Exotics 8%

Open overnight positions

Open overnight Forex positions will automatically roll over on a TOM/NEXT basis and swap points will be calculated at 10pm London time each day. For more detail click HERE


Contract CurrencyCommission per contractMinimum Commission
EUR * EUR 7 EUR 20
USD * USD 7 USD 20
Others Please click HERE

* For contract futures not traded directly online a fee of EUR / USD 10 is charged per contract per trade which includes the exchange fee


We offer variable Futures margin. To view a full list of Futures contracts and margin, login to your account and go to 'Account' then 'Trading Conditions'. Or HERE


Cash Balances

No interest is paid on Cash Balances


To receive real-time market data for stock, CFD, CFD DMA or futures trading, clients will have to subscribe to the individual exchanges. For a detailed list of all the exchanges and the corresponding subscription fees click here.

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