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TD Derivatives service is provided by Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd

TD Derivatives Trading service is provided by Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd. For the purposes of derivatives trading, TD Direct Investing is introducing you to Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd. Any contract is between you and Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd and all dealing, administration and settlement is carried out by them. Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S, the parent company of Saxo Bank Group, an international financial services group specialising in trading and investment across global financial markets. Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited is a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 551422. Registered address: 26th Floor, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DA.

Important Note: Please remember that Contracts for Difference, FX and Futures are designed for active traders and involve leveraged transactions. This means that you only deposit a fraction of the full value of the trade. Consequently losses can quickly and substantially exceed you initial deposit and will require you to make further, possibly intraday, payments. CFD, FX and Futures should only be considered if you have significant investing experience and knowledge, a thorough understanding of the risks involved and if you are dealing with money that you can afford to lose. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of these products then you should seek independent financial advice.


TD Derivatives Trading puts you in control of your Contracts for DifferenceForex and Futures trading. You can trade from one portfolio, customising the account and platform to your specifications, creating your perfect trading environment.

The account also gives you access to TD’s suite of trading platforms: the web-based TD Derivatives Web Trader and the downloadable TD Derivatives Professional with Direct Market Access.

Margin Products carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Losses can quickly and substantially exceed your initial investment. You may need to make further margin payments. Margin Products are not suitable for all investors. You should fully understand the risks and seek independent advice if necessary.


TD Derivatives Trading at a glance

  • Trade within one customisable platform
  • Level 2 and Direct Market Access on FTSE 100 CFDs
  • Complete product range: 7000+ Stocks CFDs, Commodity CFDs (incl. Oil/Gold/Silver), Index-tracking CFDs, 160+ Forex crosses, Futures contracts
  • A choice of web based and downloadable platforms
  • Professional analytical tools and live streaming news
  • Excellent liquidity and one-click trading for fast execution and full range of trade orders
  • Trade long - you could profit from rising share prices
  • Trade short - you could profit from falling share prices

Forex with TD Derivatives Trading:

  • TD offers over 160 Forex currency pairs – one of the leading Forex Trading offerings
  • Margin trading with low margin requirements. FX trading carries a high level of risk to your capital; you may need to make further margin payments.
  • Live tradable prices. Trade on streaming executable rates and know what price a trade will be dealt on up front.
  • Spot Forex, Spot Gold and Silver, versatile trade order types and Forward Outrights
  • Competitive Bid/Ask spreads

CFD Direct Market Access with TD Derivatives Trading

Our downloadable trading platform, TD Derivatives Professional, offers you Level 2 data and Direct Market Access (DMA).

Level 2

We are offering a free 30 day trial of Level 2 (terms apply), which allows you to view the London Stock Exchange order book and place CFD orders directly with our Direct Market Access (DMA).

Level 2 terms

1. Your 30 day free trial is activated upon confirmation your account is open
2. To continue access to Level 2 you must place a minimum of 4 CFD trades within the initial 30 days and then within each calendar month thereafter
3. If you fail to place 4 CFD trades in the specified periods above, access to Level 2 will be withdrawn
4. Access can be reinstated once 4 CFD trades have been placed in the relevant period, or at the discretion of TD
5. TD retains the right to refuse access to Level 2
6. TD may withdraw access or change the terms to this service by giving 10 business days notice


DMA provides direct access to the exchange order book and allows you to place trades directly around the live market depth and join the current ‘yellow’ touch price to buy at the Bid price or sell at the Offer price.

Dealing CFDs on live market prices requires an exchange subscription agreement for each of the exchanges you want to trade.

Trade at the current market price when the order hits the market (market orders).

CFDs are leveraged instruments and as such carry a high level of risk to your capital. Losses can exceed initial payments and you may need to make further margin payments.

Futures with TD Derivatives Trading

  • Benefit from excellent market liquidity on all major contracts, as well as tight spreads
  • Trade agricultural products, oil and energies, base metals, precious metals, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates, meats, softs and stock indices
  • Trade well over 450 instruments on live market prices from over 15 exchanges around the world
  • Use Limits, Stop-Limit, Stops and Trailing Stops, which can be placed through the trade module, order module or account summary modules
  • Create a varied online investment portfolio on one single account – choose from a broad range of Futures, Forex and CFDs and create an ideal investment portfolio
  • Futures are a leveraged instrument and as such carry a high level of risk to your capital.

Free Demo Account

Our 20 day free demo account is exactly the same as the live account and gives you a virtual £100,000 to test your trading strategies on. Try out market strategies and familiarise yourself with our platforms before you start trading for real.

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