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Employee involvement

Employee Involvement

Generous. Energetic. Passionate. Compassionate. These are some of the words that describe the outstanding community spirit of TD employees.


TD is proud to be able to support its employees make a contribution to their local community through volunteering programmes.

The Volunteering programme supports corporate volunteering. Whilst many volunteer activities take place after regular work hours, some may require time off during the working day.

Volunteer Programmes
Our employees devote countless hours, to help with literacy and reading in schools, as well as mentoring with older children.

Give back to our communities
Employees step up time and time again to participate in Team Challenges which help give back to our communities.

Employees enjoy working directly with charities and not-for-profit organisations, lending their skills and expertise to many of these groups in which they have a personal connection.

Fundraising and monetary donations
As the heartbeat of TD's community involvement, employees' spirit of volunteering comes to life in so many ways. Our employees raise thousands of pounds through fundraisers and their own personal contributions each year so the charities we support can continue providing valuable services. The company match all employee fundraising pound for pound.

Caring Together
Each year our employees get behind numerous causes and apply incredible enthusiasm to help improve the quality of life in their communities. They raise hundreds of pounds themselves for the causes TD supports and those close to their hearts, in turn, showing leadership and inspiring others with their example. They play a tremendous role by volunteering their time and talents, by acting as ambassadors of charitable and not-for-profit organisations, and by donating much needed money collected through hundreds of fundraisers and personal contributions.

To encourage their commitment, we support employees' community involvement by:

  • Providing employee time off for volunteering in the communities we serve.
  • Giving grants to organisations for which employees volunteer through TD.
  • Regular contact centre for Comic and Sport Relief.

Our Policy
TD supports employees who wish to do volunteer work within the community or for charitable institutions. Supporting volunteers helps the Company to build relationships with the local community and improve how it is perceived within it. Employees who do volunteer work can use the skills that they have developed at work to help the community, learn new skills, for example, leadership qualities, and improve their morale, physical health and work-life balance.

Types of volunteering supported
TD supports employees who are undertaking community or charitable activities including:

  • Community care work.
  • Environmental work and conservation projects.
  • Fundraising for community projects or charities; and the administration of public events.
  • Regular contact centre for Comic and Sport Relief.

The types of volunteering that will be supported are entirely at the discretion of TD.

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