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Company History

Date Event
October 1997: TD Bank entered the UK share dealing market with the opening of Green Line Investor Services (UK) Limited in London.
September 1998: Green Line Investor Services (UK) acquired the execution-only brokerage Sharemarket from Manchester-based Gall and Eke.
November 1999: The service was re-branded TD Waterhouse Investor Services (Europe) Ltd. TD Waterhouse also acquired YorkSHARE, the execution-only brokerage side of the Yorkshire Building Society. The UK on-line share dealing service was also launched.
May 2000: TD Waterhouse agreed to purchase Dealwise Ltd, one of the UK's largest execution-only share brokers from Skipton Building Society. The acquisition made TD Waterhouse the UK's largest execution-only broker.
January 2002: Acquired DLJdirect - the UK's leading online broker
September 2002: TD Waterhouse agreed a joint venture with RBS to take a 50% stake in Nat West Stockbrokers. Under this deal, TD Waterhouse provides the operational and settlement platform to NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland customers for online, telephone and branch trading.
November 2005: Announced a deal with American Express Financial Services Europe Limited (AEFSE) regarding the provision of share dealing services for its retail brokerage customers.
October 2006: Agreed a deal with Computershare to provide the company's own brand share dealing services for retail investors.
February 2009: The Toronto-Dominion Bank increased its stake in Internaxx Bank to 75%. Internaxx Bank is the leading offshore online bank for international expatriate investors. TD Waterhouse works in close collaboration with Internaxx, providing services to and assisting in the development of Internaxx's business.
June 2009: TD Waterhouse acquired the online share dealing client base of Hoodless Brennan. Customers were migrated to the TD Waterhouse platform at the end of August 2009
September 2009: TD Waterhouse launched a full online equity trading service in Ireland - tdwaterhouse.ie (now tddirectinvesting.ie)
October 2009: Completed the acquisition of OMX Securities, a key provider of outsourced clearing and settlement services. As a result of this deal OMX Securities was rebranded as TD Waterhouse Corporate Services (Europe) with effect from 2 November 2009.
January 2010: TD Waterhouse agrees a deal to acquire the UK customer base of E*TRADE Securities Limited (UK) following E*TRADE Financial Corporation's decision to focus its international business on the US cross border product offering for global investors.
March 2010: The Toronto-Dominion Bank becomes the sole shareholder of Internaxx Bank after acquiring the remaining 25% of shares from BGL BNP Paribas. TD Waterhouse works in close collaboration with Internaxx, providing services to and assisting in the development of Internaxx's business.
November 2011: TD Waterhouse Investor Services (Europe) Ltd changes its name to TD Direct Investing (Europe) Ltd.

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