Employment Equity and Diversity at TD Direct Investing
TD is committed to ensuring equal opportunities and fair treatment in the workplace for all its staff. We are committed to maintaining a working environment in which all staff feel comfortable and in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, marital or family status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, creed, culture, religion or belief, age, disability or any other personal factor or quality.

At TD we believe that diversity needs to be more than just a policy in a handbook. We believe that our actions also need to support our words. In line with this we have developed a range of learning and development programmes which aim to increase awareness of diversity issues and promote equality throughout our business. Our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities is also reflected in our CSR work where we promote diversity not just in the workplace but also in the communities around us.

Employment Equity
Employment equity means ensuring every employee is treated with dignity and respect in a work environment where the terms and conditions of employment are fair and non-discriminatory. It means identifying and eliminating barriers to employment opportunities to ensure that individuals are recruited, trained, developed, promoted and compensated according to their proven performance, ability and potential.

We believe that diversity is a key factor to our success in the competitive marketplace. By embracing people with a wide range of unique experiences and abilities we open the door to innovation and cultivate positive change, which makes our business stronger.

With this in mind we strive to build a culture of inclusion; one that respects and recognises the individual skills and perspectives of every employee and to create and succeed in a workplace where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Find out how TD supports and invests in its local communities and environment.